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DRYWOOD Products, Inc.
1835 S. Crest Drive
Peoria, Il 61605

Welcome to DRYWOOD Products, Inc.

Introducing the original and only Patented roof & wall sheathing for use in the building and remodeling industry. Drywood® wall and roof sheathing has a laminated weather barrier that lets you say goodbye to housewrap, ice & water shield, and roofing felt forever. Installation is simple and can be completed much quicker than traditional moisture and air barriers. Simply install the wall and roof panels, tape the abutting edges, and you have a total building envelope system.

Drywood® Wall & Roof panels are designed to outperform traditional barrier systems that include structural sheathing panels with a job site applied barrier such as housewrap, ice & water shield, and roofing felt. Our patents were applied for in 2002 and we have more patents pending so we have years of research and development as well as job site trials performed by our team of Master Builders that have helped us create and manufacture the new generation of wall and roof sheathing. Our goal is to help Contractors eliminate areas in homes that are prone to air and water leaks as well as provide a total building envelope that eliminates waste, saves time and money, and assures a weather tight building for many years ahead. With the new energy code mandates in the 2009 IECC, using Drywood® assures an air tight envelope of the roof and walls.

Builders - We Can Help You Reduce Material & Labor Costs

Our sheathing panels allow you to greatly increase your efficiency and control costs on the job site by eliminating waste and setting up to repeat tasks multiple times. We are confident that our sheathing is less expensive for a Builder to use than traditional sheathing and traditional barrier applications. Eliminating waste from excessive use of material and the labor required to re-install traditional barriers that the weather has torn off of a house the Builder can realize a potential savings of as much as 15-20% in labor and material costs associated with the framing. Using our unique sheathing allows you to "dry-in" the house as it is being framed, so you will eliminate the costs associated with the weather blowing off traditional barriers and costly call backs due to untaped and improperly installed moisture guards. Our sheathing also makes sure that the dead spots of a house are sealed preventing any ice dams from entering the house or wind driven rain from penetrating the most vulnerable areas of the house. Our sheathing is manufactured in a controlled environment and to precise specifications assuring you a quality product.

Product Overview -

All building and construction professionals know the importance of air infiltration and moisture control in every building today. That is why so much time and effort goes into specifying the right products for every building. Drywood® Wall & Roof sheathing utilizes an ultra high strength manufacturing process that is designed to eliminate the problems of using traditional barriers. Drywood® offers year round advantages for all types of building veneer and roofing applications. These days you can't afford to open yourself up to the liability of inferior job site applied barriers. Give your customers the finest and only patented material available today.

Patent Pending & United States Patent 7310921

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